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  • Call for Volunteers

    My name is Cole Sperry and I am the current chapter President of the Inland Empire chapter. I am seeking applications from passionate members who are interested in serving the chapter with short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities. These opportunities would be offered during the remainder of the current fiscal year, which runs until June 30, 2020. Volunteers have the important responsibility to offer activities in local communities such as Continuing Professional Education, leadership training, networking, community service, and mentoring opportunities to local members and non-members.

    With changes in my schedule and availability to commit, the Inland Empire chapter is currently seeking a new volunteer or former chapter/council officer who would be open to serving as Chapter President.  In addition, we have opportunities available to help with administrative tasks, education programs, event coordination, communications, and social media activities. Take your professional membership to the next level and become a leader within your community!

    Time Commitment: approximately 3-6 hours a month including quarterly CPE face-to-face or virtual training sessions.  IMA’s professional Community Relations Team will help you succeed in your efforts by providing training, support, and guidance.  

    Benefits of Serving: build your leadership skills that you will need to advance in your career, be part of empowering the profession, and help others achieve their professional goals.

    Requirement to serve:  membership in good standing, high ethical standards, and the ability to work collaboratively with others.

    How to Apply:

    Please email a brief summary of your information which should include:

    (a) The position you’re interested

    (b) Why you would like to be involved

    (c) Description of your experiences which qualify you for the position